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Underdogs deserve celebration

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In response to “Don’t storm the field” (Oct. 8) by Bobby Griffin, I have one question: Are you serious? That must have been a joke. Are you really that insecure about where Notre Dame stands with Boston College? I do not think I could disagree with you more when you state, “We would be showing them a sense of respect that they don’t deserve.” Bobby, it is not an academic challenge. They are playing football. And in case you did not notice, Boston College is a very good football team. They are not South Florida, who is in the top five purely because of a win against an overrated West Virginia team and the upset bonanza that has taken place the last two weeks.

The Eagles are there because they proved themselves last year as a quality football team and have done nothing but back that up this year. Notre Dame, on the other hand, is young, inexperienced and looking for all the wins they can get. Let alone a huge upset over the fourth best team in the country.

In regard to football, Notre Dame is the underdog for the 2007 season. In fact, it would be the underdog against most of the teams in Division I. Saying this does not make me any less of a Notre Dame fan, it’s just the facts. I look forward to the future when the Irish make it back into the top 20, but for this year, Boston College is a big favorite. If anyone listens to your ridiculous suggestion, then it looks like my friends and I will be the only ones on the field going nuts in celebration of a huge upset victory. Honestly, while reading your letter I did not understand why The Observer would even post it in the paper. It all became clear once I saw that you were the assistant managing editor last year. Next time, keep that stuff to youself.

Brian Salvi


off campus

Oct. 9