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9-3 isn’t good enough?

Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 5, 2007

After the season two years ago, Coach Weis proudly announced to members of the Notre Dame community that his 9-3 record wasn’t good enough. Well, how about 3-9? That’s about as good as this season could turn out.

There have been all sorts of excuses tossed around for our misfortune this season, and until this weekend, many of them seemed to be fair. Not anymore. Everyone likes to put the blame on Ty Willingham for our suppressed talent, but getting beaten by Navy has nothing to do with talent. We refuse to believe that they are a more talented team than us. The problem, it seems, is coaching. Many of the calls on Saturday were simply awful. One of our personal favorites was the fake field goal attempt. Here’s a great idea: Let’s try to run the not-so-quick Evan Sharpley for 15 yards behind the lead block of a kicker. Brilliant.

Also, if anyone could possibly explain to us why you would not try to kick a field goal for the win at the end of regulation, that would be great. That’s terrible decision making. Absolutely terrible.

The play calling wasn’t the only flaw we saw with the coaching job. How could we not stop the option? What was the defense practicing all week? It’s not like Navy did anything surprising. They’ve been running the same offense for years. Everybody knew exactly what they were going to do, and yet they came in and ran all over us anyway. Coach Weis has been one of the first to admit that coaching has been the biggest problem this year, but we’re sick of hearing that. How about you earn your incredibly high salary and start coaching better?

Tony Ceravolo, Brent Gills


Knott Hall

Nov. 3