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Appreciate football experience

Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 12, 2007

In response to Matthew Quering’s Letter to the Editor (“Weis Should Pay,” Nov. 12): I, as a contributing alum, am also disappointed by this year’s football program. I have also spent hard-earned money to travel to games only to see the opponent prevail. But I think that things aren’t built in a day and the team will return to glory. Whether Weis is a great coach, or whether the players are talented is not for me or you to decide. Time will tell.

However, I am not here to argue about that. I do find some of Quering’s logic to be flawed. I think Quering should count his blessings that as a student, he even got to see Notre Dame in a BCS game. All students should also be grateful that they are able to purchase tickets to the games at a 50 percent discount. You are guaranteed seats at the reduced price, whereas some alumni contribute annually and don’t receive a single ticket. I would venture to say that many of them are willing to pay more than face value. You can see that by looking at StubHub or eBay.

If you want to look at it in the framework of investments, the athletic department would be better served utilizing your ticket by selling it to a non-student at face value. It would yield a greater return for the program. It will also go to someone who gets the intangible utility of excitement and joy that they are at a game, period.

Oh, and another thing, buying a ticket isn’t an investment; it’s a payment for service. No one is forcing you to pay for the tickets, go to the games, or even be a student at Notre Dame. It’s a privilege that very few have enjoyed, and I think you should step back and consider yourself fortunate that you have this opportunity.

Robert Russo


Class of 2004

Nov. 12