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Dreaded sign’ shuts out study space

Observer Viewpoint | Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We came to Notre Dame to get a solid, valuable education. In order to receive that education, we must do a considerable amount of studying and work. For us Walshies, and for most South, West, and God Quad residents, the Coleman Morse Lounge is an ideal workplace. Complete with popcorn, soda, coffee, and a general aura of joy and happiness, CoMo makes the Library look like the bottom of St. Joe’s Lake. Unfortunately, our happiness in in this oasis of potential knowledge is constantly threatened by the Dreaded Sign. All too often, students who frequent the Coleman Morse Lounge are faced with these words: “x group has reserved this space for the next 72 hours … at least.” Okay, so we exaggerated, but it sure feels like that to those of us who planned our entire day’s work around the notion that we would have this space available to study in.

You may argue, why not go to the library? Simple answer: No. Never. It’s freezing. It was sleeting today. Didn’t you see? You may argue, why not study in your room? Simple answer: Have you seen the size of our rooms? It’s impossible. You may argue, why not study in LaFortune? Simple answer: If we wanted to study in a bar, we would. Unfortunately, we can’t get our calculus problems done when there are three football games on TV and 67 people shouting about why Charlie Weis should or shouldn’t be fired this week.

There is only one solution to this dilemma. Destroy the signs and all that they entail. Really, with all the money this institution spends on equipped facilities, it isn’t necessary that one of three common study spaces on campus be occupied five times a week. We offer the following solutions: Either eliminate this problem altogether, or meet us halfway. We know for a fact that there are more available classrooms on the upper floors of CoMo than are actually opened for use after hours. These classrooms should be put to use. It all comes down to one very simple question: Does the Univeristy of Notre Dame want successful students? Or not? We think you know what to do.

Lindsay Schanzer

Hallie Brewster

Amanda Spiegelberg


Walsh Hall

Nov. 6