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Football, not fans, a disgrace

Letter to the Editor | Friday, November 2, 2007

I am writing this letter in response to the 2007 football season, a season that can be described as nothing less than embarrassing. And, no, I am not talking about the Pete Carroll chant that has received so much attention. Our fans have been reprehensible in the last two games, chanting “backup college” to Boston College as the Eagles went into the locker room up 13-0 at halftime, and then hailing Weis after the third quarter as we were getting killed by our arch rival for the fifth time in six years. (By the way, great job, coaching staff, for not figuring out USC after 20 quarters of game tape showing the same disgraceful effort on the part of the Irish.)

Despite this, however, our fans have shown up to games. While Corey Sinclair would have you believe that our fans have not shown the same enthusiasm this year as in years past (“Fans must ‘uplift’ team for Navy game,” Oct. 31,) I question whether or not he has attended Notre Dame home games this year. The fans have shown up, at least for the first three quarters. It is the team that has failed the fans, not the other way around. And Tim Dougherty, who, like everyone else, wants to blame this year’s woes on Ty Willingham, must not have caught the UW-USC game. Ty’s team lost by 3. Ours, under the magnificent leadership of King Weis, lost by 38.

Forget the Pete Carroll chant. What I have been most embarrassed by this season is the product we have put on the field. We are, or were, the top college football school of the country. Instead, our team is now a laughing stock that has humiliated itself and its tradition for 10 consecutive games (and that includes UCLA, which was won by our only offensive stud thus far – Bruins walk-on, third string quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson.)

I’m still hoping for a victory against Navy this weekend. Of course, to win, most of our team probably needs to play with passion and act like they actually care about winning. Based on this year, I’d say our chances against Navy, and against the rest of our opponents, are slime to nil.

Chris Malherek


Dillon Hall

Oct. 31