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Game cheers leave lasting impressions

Adrian J. Reimers | Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Concerning “Suck it [mascot]” in the cadence cheer: In my day as a student (mid-1960s), somewhere in the third quarter of every game, many of the student body would start singing “Howdja like to bite my a**?” It got to be a regular tradition, which – of course – not everyone liked. But most of the guys thought it was fun.

Then I graduated. On one of my first job interviews I thought things were going well until the interviewer concluded the interview by saying how he had always admired Notre Dame. But, then he took his young son to a game, where they sat close enough to the student body to hear the chant. He was embarrassed trying to explain to his son why they were singing that. And I was embarrassed. I could have told him that I didn’t sing the song. Maybe I even did, but the damage was done. I didn’t get the job.

So, while considering what to chant or sing en masse at football and basketball games, it might be wise to reflect on the fact that you won’t always be surrounded by friendly, happy fellow students and that the impression on visitors to Notre Dame may some day be important to you.

Adrian J. Reimers

Class of 1967

adjunct assistant professor of philosophy

Nov. 6