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Inside Column: Dear business majors

Samantha Leopard | Thursday, November 1, 2007

A letter to Saint Mary’s Business Majors:

I write this to you before I once again spend six hours, in an Opus study room, slaving over B-Policy. I cannot believe the paper, which compiles almost everything I have ever studied during my college career is due in four very short days. I wonder how we will ever get it done, and how four girls with insanely busy lives will ever get together to meet.

On top of this, I also cannot believe I am missing out on the last Halloween of my college career. My non-business major friends are all getting ready for costume parties galore, and all I can think about is which strategy will be the best to choose to increase our profit margin.

I remember thinking how stressed I was during different times through out my past three years.

It seems now nothing will compare to the stress you and I will face in the next six weeks.

From Alex the accounting system to detailed Powerpoints on Saint Mary’s identity, we thought those projects would just never end.

We now face a project that makes those look like a cakewalk.

I know it seems impossible. Just when you think you have finished a matrix or found the perfect strategy, something comes along that changes your whole train of thought. I also must say I never thought I would grow to despise words such as matrices and strategies.

As the frustration mounds in these next few days here are some things to keep in mind.

It is also most over! Just six weeks left of this semester and one little presentation in front of a friendly group of judges and, hey, you are done! So as you stare for hours at the numerous pages of research you have done all semester, please try to keep that in mind.

Also, I know it sounds incredibly ridiculous, but try to have some fun and release some stress while you are in your group. I laugh as I say this, and I find it insanely difficult to do this myself. I mean, there has to be something fun about a senior comprehensive. There must be something, right?

Then there is the whole survival thing that we must remember. You need to eat and even try to sleep a little! Not eating and sleeping will just make you more irritated and possibly sick. We have been preparing for this monster for three years, and in just four days the hardest and largest part will be complete. It will be put behind us for the rest of our college career and we can once again breathe.

So grab your bowl of left-over Halloween treats and that dreaded case book and try to remember what I said. Good luck!