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Keenan responds to column

Tae Kang | Monday, November 19, 2007

Let me preface with this: Congratulations on your victory, Stanford, in the interhall championship game. It was a well-fought game on both sides and a truly rivalry game.

My namesake wrote an article demeaning my beloved home and this cannot stand. He’s done something that we at Notre Dame expect BC to do: gloat excessively. Yes, you won. Yes, Tregg Duerson scored a touchdown. Yes, there were birds hovering over the Stadium. Congratulations once again. I’m sure Fredo Corleone had good days too.

In Keenan Hall, we take pride in being “The Classiest Gentlemen’s Dorm on Campus.” It is a divine birthright being a Keenan Knight for it comes with the responsibility of volunteering at the Great Pumpkin, participating in Muddy Sunday, acting in the Keenan Revue, and flat out being one of the “Fratres in Cristo”. We’re proud that we’re active and good at what we do. If that makes us “dastardly do-gooders, boy scouts, and boy wonders” then so be it. If you’re happy being “belligerent and boisterous”, then that’s good too. I’m sure your parents are proud. Like the other Tae, I am a fan of the X-Men and I remember that it was Cyclops, not Wolverine, who marries Jean Grey.

Other Tae also talked about Stanford winning Hall of the Year in 2006. That’s because Student Activities enjoys being egalitarian and communist in handing out these awards. If justice were served, then Keenan would get it every year without fail. No other dorm does what we do as good as we do. So when you come over to Zaland next time: remember your older brother still loves you very much.

P.S. Come watch the Keenan Revue Jan.30-Feb.1