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Men’s behavior not actually insulting

Letter to the Editor | Monday, November 5, 2007

This is in response to Marilynn Anater’s Letter to the Editor (“Behavior Insulting,” Nov. 2). I would like to inform Ms. Anater that she does not speak for all the women of the Notre Dame community or even those of the Saint Mary’s community. As a fellow Saint Mary’s sophomore and former cheerleader, I must respectfully remind Ms. Anater that cheerleaders, and especially college cheerleaders, choose their activity with the knowledge that they will often be viewed as “objects.” Cheerleading is an activity that involves jumping around and screaming in short skirts. It’s athletic and impressive, but at the end of the day, men hooting and hollering at cheerleaders is a part of the college football experience that needs to be laughed off. I agree that men of the Notre Dame community should conduct themselves with class at all times, but accusing them of piggishness for “objectifying” the other team’s miniskirt-wearing crew is just wrong.I would encourage Ms. Anater to realize that militant feminism is not necessary in every corner of the college experience. As a woman, I took no offense to the actions of the Notre Dame and Holy Cross men in this case. As with all the hooplah over the admittedly humorous and infamous “Russian Bride” cartoon, this is yet another example of people taking things far too personally. Come on, ladies. Lighten up.

Kelsey RobertsonsophomoreRegina HallNov. 2