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Student section deserves appreciation

Matt LaFleur | Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where’s the thanks? This past Saturday, my eyes could not believe what they were seeing. And no, I’m not talking about when our team officially and statistically placed itself as Notre Dame’s worst ever by losing to Air Force 41-24. That came as no surprise. Ten games into the season, I’m still waiting for something positive to come from our football team. Looks like Charlie and the gang didn’t come through on their promise given at the Pep Rally about giving the students something legitimate to cheer for.

But that’s not what caught me off guard. For years, it’s been a Notre Dame tradition for the football team to salute the student body after every home game. You can find a picture anywhere of golden helmets raised in thanks to the student body – win or lose. And this year especially, Coach Weis has really emphasized the relationship between the team and the students.

If the relationship is so good, and the team appreciates the fans so much, why didn’t they show their appreciation after the game Saturday? What the students got instead was a bunch of dejected football players, hanging their heads and looking at the ground, stumbling into the tunnel and the locker room after ND’s alma mater was played.

Sure, it’s been a hard season. But it’s been hard for everyone! The students and team together feel the pain of losing, and in past years have together felt the bliss of winning together. The football team must think that they don’t need to thank anyone anymore. Well, the student body stood for four hours on Saturday in really cold weather to cheer on a football team who has constantly all year looked lazy and lethargic.

We have a marching band who, it seems like, practices more than the team does. Sure, Coach Weis can thank the band at the Pep Rally, but on game day all that goes out the window. The students are not formally recognized. I’d just like to challenge the football team to continue on the nice tradition of saluting the student body by raising their helmets to them after every game – win or lose.

Matt LaFleur


O’Neill Hall

Nov. 13