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The Office: The cast

Cassie Belek | Friday, November 2, 2007

Putting almost the entire cast of “The Office” in the same room for a question-and-answer session is bound to be just as funny as an episode of NBC’s hit comedy series. When the cast of “The Office” (minus Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson) gathered on the campus of the University of Scranton on Oct. 27, it was one of “The Office” Convention’s best events.Executive Producer Greg Daniels joined his cast of comedic pros as they took turns answering questions submitted by fans from all across the country. The questions ranged from Leslie David Baker’s (Stanley) favorite puzzle (the crossword, of course) to the long-term future of the show.Each actor had a chance to talk about his or her character and ponder their futures. A hot question on the minds of everyone was related to the outcome of television’s weirdest couple – Angela and Dwight. One half of Dwangela – Angela Kinsey – was there to offer hints about the couple’s future.”I think Dwight is in the doghouse because he mercy-killed my cat,” she said. However, she later added, “I sort of think Dwight is Angela’s weird soul mate.”While Kinsey suggested that an eventual reunion is inevitable since she would love to see Dwight, Angela and Mose (Dwight’s cousin) go on a road trip someday, Angela’s unforgiving nature and recent suitor, Andy (Ed Helms), might prevent an immediate reconciliation.Kate Flannery said that she believes her character Meredith has a very dark back story involving an ex-husband who turned out to be a serial killer. She also spoke of her trepidation when doing her own stunt when Michael hit Meredith with his car in this season’s premiere.”I was sort of flinching when I hit the glass like any normal human being would,” she joked.Daniels, naturally, was asked about the future of the series. He specifically addressed the fact that the fictional characters of “The Office” are being followed by a documentary camera crew, and someday, like in the BBC version, that documentary has to air. Daniels said it was an issue the writers were already thinking about since the event would cause a significant change in the fictional world of the series, but that transition isn’t happening any time soon.”Sometimes it takes a long time to get all the footage you need,” he said. “Sometimes it takes 10 years.”The rest of the session was filled with more discussions about characters and a series of running jokes. Craig Robinson (Darryl) began to answer every question by kissing Mindy Kaling (Kelly) – his new on-screen romantic partner – and the origins of Andy’s “Ra-da-do-do-do” were explored as each cast member took stabs at duplicating the expression.”That’s kind of how I sing songs to myself when I’m hanging out. By myself,” Helms said.The question-and-answer portion lasted about 90 minutes, and each actor shed some light on his character and showed the audience how much fun the cast has when working together. “I definitely think no matter what we do with our careers from here on out, you know, nothing will compare to this,” Kinsey said. “Really, I mean, an ‘Office’ Convention? In Scranton?”