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Weis’ time will come

Letter to the Editor: Brendan McCarthy | Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This is in response to Stephen Mann’s Letter to the Editor (“Time for Charlie to go,” Nov. 5). I realize that this season hasn’t gone our way, and the coaching hasn’t been perfect. It’s time to fire Charlie Weis. Clearly there are candidates available for our coaching position who demonstrate far better class and coaching ability. Perhaps we can scoop up John L. Smith as a replacement? In fact, the sooner we get Charlie Weis out of town the quicker we can take Mary off the dome and replace her with a statue of Bob Davie. Firing Charlie Weis is the answer!

No actually it’s pretty simple. Find me a coach in America who could do a substantially better job with a team with a new offensive line, new wide receivers, new running backs, new quarterbacks and a new defensive scheme. Also graduate your players, assemble the top recruiting class in America of athletes who can actually read and write and teach the students valuable life lessons.

Something special is being built here that all Domers can be proud of. In the next three years, we’ll have one national title at the least. Charlie’s not going anywhere, and before you criticize him again, remember how many blocks and tackles he’s missed, how many errant passes he’s thrown, how many balls he’s dropped and how many penalties he’s committed.

Since I’ve stepped foot on this campus two years ago, it’s never ceased to amaze me not only the lack of knowledge students have about sports at America’s jock college, but also how quickly people turn on a team and its coaching staff.

Above all, I clearly remember how many times our students complained about the guy who played here and wore No. 10. All I know is that he was pretty good. We’ll be saying the same thing about our head coach very soon.

The points you make demonstrate that you know absolutely nothing about college football. And stop complaining about that field goal decision. I go for it on fourth down in NCAA 2008 just like every real man on this campus does. If you care not to join us on Saturday afternoon, nobody’s going to miss you. Go read a book instead.

Brendan McCarthy


Saint Edward’s Hall

Nov. 5