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Baraka Bouts: Freshman Cara Norton upsets senior captain

Joe Meixell | Friday, December 7, 2007

Cara “Boomer” Norton def. Emily “The Raging Rhino” Rhatican

Freshman Cara “Boomer” Norton from Pasquerilla East defeated senior Emily “The Raging Rhino” Rhatican in a 2-1 split decision. While Rhatican was older and more experienced, Norton’s ability to endure the senior’s blows, and respond, harder, with punches of her own was the deciding factor.

“Going up against a senior captain, that was probably the hardest thing in my life,” Norton said. “I just had to make sure I didn’t back down, and kept my hands up. It was a tough fight.”

Early on in the fight, the two women seemed to be evenly matched, trading punch for punch. However near the end of the first round, the freshman began to pick up momentum, and from the beginning of the second round, Norton and her strong jab-hook combos proved to be too much for Rhatican.

Cigi “The Squeegee” Low def. Lauren “Strong Island” Cummings

Senior southpaw Cigi “The Squeegee” Low pressed hard and took control of the fight early, as ferocious combos, featuring quick right jabs and powerful left hooks kept Cummings on the ropes. What was most impressive with Low’s game was her ability to move well and set up her punches – there was barely a single wasted jab or hook. Her patience and solid ducking ability gave her great opportunities to strike. Later on the in the fight, however, Cummings showed some life and the possibility of a comeback.

“When she came out in that last round, I was pretty much thinking just stay out of the way and don’t get hit,” Low said. “That’s the name of the game.”

The senior kept her hands up well into the third round and used her elusiveness and patience to ultimately defeat Cummings, the judges ruling unanimously in her favor.

Megan Cimino def. Maria Paula “Tequila Hummingbird” Elizondo

Both fighters showed talent and moved well around the ring, bobbing and weaving, constantly looking for opportunities. The relentless attacks, however, and ferocious speed of Cimino, a senior, proved to be too much for Elizondo.

While Elizondo made strides in the second round, overcoming the timidity that held her back in the first, Cimino’s stamina eliminated any chance of a comeback as she was threw as many punches, as fast, until the last bell of the third round. The senior’s tenacity was rewarded with a unanimous victory.

“It was fun,” Cimino said. “I didn’t really have a plan, I just wanted to go in there and do my best.”

Kayla “The Texan Terror” Bishop def. Kristin “Burkalicious” Burke

Freshman Kayla “The Texan Terror” Bishop defeated sophomore Kristin “Burkalicious” Burke in an even match. Both Burke’s and Bishop’s feet were quick, and both women maneuvered around the ring well. However, the beginning of the second round proved to be the difference.

“When I came out in the second, I just tried to be more aggressive.” Bishop said. “But, I made sure my defense stayed up also, and not be too overanxious.”

Once the second-round bell rang, the “Texan Terror” used her reach advantage more effectively, keeping distance between her and Burke, while constantly attacking from an unreachable position. By keeping her arms to the inside, punching efficiently in a straight line, she forced the sophomore to punch outside, which ultimately turned the fight as Burke left herself exposed when she attempted to attack around Bishop’s guard instead of through it.

Nicole “The Silver Bullet” Koors def. Rebecca “The Claw” Neville

Fight 20: The 20th match of the night featured junior Nicole “The Silver Bullet” Koors and sophomore Rebecca “The Claw” Neville. The bout proved to be a back and forth battle, as junior Nicole “The Silver Bullet” Coors started off strong, using her reach and keeping her distance while maintaining pressure on sophomore Rebcca “The Claw” Neville. However “The Claw” finished the first round strong, unleashing a barrage of jabs and hooks before the bell sounded, evening up the score.

“I knew that it was going to be a really good fight. We’re really good friends and we’ve sparred a lot against each other,” Koors said. “And coming out in the second and third rounds I knew I had to be the first one to throw a punch or I wasn’t going to win it.”

“The Silver Bullet” stood by those words, as she came out swinging in the final two rounds. She danced effectively around the ring, avoiding many of the sophomore’s punches, and attacked fiercely when the opportunities presented themselves. Despite Neville’s strong showing to close the third round, Koors’ efforts culminated in a split decision victory.

Sarah “Sunshine” Davidson def. Jen “And Juice” Malherek

Senior Sarah “Sunshine” Davidson came out of the gate on the attack, and put on a clinic for three rounds. Her quick moving feet, perpetually moving head and body, and fierce southpaw hook simply overmatched anything sophomore Jen “And Juice” Malherek could muster in defense.

“I just wanted to keep hitting until the fight ended,” Davidson said. “I wanted to win, I didn’t want to get tired in the middle of the fight, and I wanted to finish strong.”

Malherek could not keep her punches straight and kept wandering to the outside, as Davidson’s lefty position seemed to throw her off. When she seemed to tire in the third and could not keep her hands up effectively, it was all over as “Sunshine” was still packing heat until the very end.

Erinn “Yeah … I Sting Like a Bee” Mullee def. Elyse “2 on 1” Hoffman

In what proved to be one of the most exciting bouts of the night, junior southpaw Erinn “Yeah…I Sting Like a Bee” Mullee pulled off a victory in a mesmerizing shootout with sophomore Elyse “2 on 1” Hoffman. From the minute the opening bell sounded, the fans were all on their feet as both fighters dealt each other ferocious combos, neither of them backing down for one second. Early on, Hoffman turned her opponent around a few times, causing stoppages in the match and garnering a small edge at the end of the 1st.

“I had absolutely no idea it was going to be like that,” Mullee said. “I really had to work for it. I had everyone in my corner cheering for me, and gave me the pick-me-up I needed in the middle of the match”

The repeated chant of “Erinn, Erinn” from her fans certainly inspired the boxer, as she came out even harder in the second round, landing solid hook after solid hook. Hoffman certainly did not lay down and die, however, as she adapted well to the different angle shown when fighting a lefty, and kept it close until the very end. However when the dust finally settled, Mullee emerged victorious in the last match of the night.