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An insult to muffindom

Letter to the Editor | Monday, January 28, 2008

Brothers and sisters, we have all noticed a dramatic drop in Letters to the Editor this semester. There are many suspicions – the tameness of the comics, a lack of humorous misogynistic remarks, a remarkable increase in the writing prowess of Ohio State University students (seriously guys?) – but I am here to give a voice to the silent majority that can no longer muster the energy to write this letter – those who have been shocked into a comatose state by the miniaturization of South Dining Hall muffins.

Clearly they are the gem of the pastry aisle – when there are still dozens of glazed donuts and an entire mountain of cheese Danishes, the muffin bin always runs dry by 12:15. I know I’m not the only one who grab-and-goes six muffins and a juice box. It’s the best calorie/bag ratio available.

However, the current shrinking of the muffin threatens to destroy one of God’s finest creations – the sanctity of the muffin. I have one relic from ancient times – a true mammoth muffin measuring in at a towering 8.7 cm. The insult to muffindom I snagged at lunch today tips the scales at a puny 6.3 cm.

Notre Dame: we can do better. The silent majority must remain silent no longer – rise up, and protest the desecration of the beloved institution that is the South Dining Hall muffin. The issue boils down to one simple question: would you rather have more or less muffin in your muffin?

John Greil


Keough Hall

Jan. 28