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Domer dating: ‘Man up’

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man up! While reading Aristotle in La Fun the other day (the only place lively enough to keep me awake to power through the Politics), I couldn’t help but overhearing a single girl talking to her best guy friend about her frustration with Domer dating (or lack there of). I am so tired of hearing students complain about how screwed up gender relations are at Notre Dame.

This is not to say that gender relations are normal; they’re not. It’s true that there is a lack of dating culture at Notre Dame, but this deficiency is self-inflicted. People like to blame our abnormal gender relations on everything from the Notre Dame “family” mentality to the cold weather keeping everyone in hibernation for winter. Girls always complain that guys never ask them out on dates but are far too suspicious of any guy who may try to strike up a conversation (especially if he is less than attractive). Guys, on the other hand, insist that all the cute girls already have boyfriends and that Notre Dame simply doesn’t attract the same “talent” other schools do.

Since I am a guy, I’ll speak to the guys. Guys, there are far more girls here than guys (especially if you include the all-girls school across the street). There are many single, cute girls just dying for a genuine guy to simply take them out on a date. Stop giving excuses, man up, and ask a girl out for coffee, lunch, or even dinner. She might say no, but she might say yes. You might go on a second date, or you might not. You might end up with a girlfriend, or you might end up with a new friend.

As much as people complain about dating here, it’s a lot harder out in the real world. Don’t go your entire college career never having gone on out on a date. Man up, fellas. This girl wasn’t looking for a long-term boyfriend that would come through with the ring-by-spring at the end of senior year. All she wanted was a date. I hope she gets one.

Mark Weber


Keough Hall

Jan. 23