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John Locke

Katie Kohler | Thursday, January 31, 2008

No, I am not talking about the English philosopher who founded the social contract theory. I am not talking about the British empiricist either. I am talking about the knife-slinging, boar-hunting, former paraplegic hero of Oceanic flight 815 John Locke.

It’s been 260 days since the “Lost” Season Three finale. And yes, of course I’ve been counting. And tonight at 8 p.m., “Lost” is finally back.

The sole purpose of this column is to explain why John Locke is the deepest, most mysterious, craziest and phenomenal character on “Lost” – which is why, even after being shot and thrown into a ditch to die at the end of Season Three, he emerged just in time to try to convince Jack not to use the radio (which he does anyway, but still).

John Locke was brought up in foster care, only to be conned by his biological father, Anthony Cooper, for his kidney. After confronting him several times in order to prevent him from conning a woman to steal her fortune, his father threw him out an eight-story window, leading to his four-year wheelchair stint as a paraplegic.

But Locke didn’t give up. He went to Australia to participate in a “walkabout,” which is a spiritual journey, even though he was in a wheelchair. And now, he is going to be the reason “The Others” don’t kill all 38 of the remaining survivors.

If anyone watches “Lost,” they’ll know Locke’s often-used phrase, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” His character is tragic, but strong. He makes everyone else on the island look weak and selfish. He has become one with the island and as a result, he is the only person who doesn’t really want to leave.

Everyone looks to Locke for guidance because they can sense that he knows what’s up. And he does.

John Locke spent a majority of Season One with Boone unearthing the Hatch, which sustained life with food, medical supplies and shelter while everyone else was sitting under tarps next to campfires.

He realized there was something special about Walt before he got kidnapped when everyone else thought he was a creepy child molester.

He was learning the secrets of “The Others” while everyone else thought he was a traitor.

He has single-handedly helped every single person on the island and now with season four so very close, I cannot wait to see what Locke will do next.

While Locke has never been the central character in the show, it wouldn’t be a show without him. There’s so much more we need to find out and hopefully, it’ll happen in Season Four.

Even though there are 48 more episodes over the next three seasons, Locke will not die. He will not be a traitor. And he will get off the island. I am totally sure of it. And if I’m wrong, he’s going to have a pretty sweet exit.