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Response to racist letters

Letter to the Editor | Monday, January 28, 2008

When one receives a letter with no return label merely addressed to “occupant,” one should be suspicious. However, the letters my dorm received didn’t contain any conventional dangers, rather, they contained something more sinister: Hate.

While I agree that this letter deserves none of our respect, I must disagree with Rector Colonna in his proposition of tossing the letter outright. To throw out this letter would be ignoring a major problem that still exists in our nation.

We may like to think that racism is gone, but as this letter indicates, there are still those out there clinging to these views. I propose reading the letter. Now, I’m not asking you to read hateful junk mail.

However, I do ask you to see the so-called “reasoning” behind racism, to see how competent writing can still be laden with terribly fallacious arguments, to confirm your beliefs that racism is irrational and abhorrent.

The man from North Dakota wants attention and change. Let’s give the problem some attention. Let’s make some change in the direction of equality.

David Crisostomo


Knott Hall

Jan. 28