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New spring television

Cassie Belek | Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The writers’ strike may have extended into the cold winter months, but that doesn’t mean the networks don’t have any new scripted programming left. The following are the midseason replacements offering a break from game shows and reality programming.

“Cashmere Mafia,” Wednesday, 10 p.m. (ABC)

Premiere Date: Jan. 6

Starring: Lucy Liu, Frances O’Connor, Miranda Otto and Bonnie Sommerville

Summary: Four high-powered female executives living in New York City balance their careers with their family and love lives. In the pilot, Mia (Liu) loses her fiancé after beating him out for a job, Juliet (Otto) decides to take a lover after discovering her husband’s affair, Caitlin (Sommerville) thinks that she is a lesbian, and Zoe (O’Connor) searches for a new nanny.

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” Monday, 9 p.m. (FOX)

Premiere Date: Jan. 13

Starring: Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau

Summary: A continuation of the “Terminator” movie franchise, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” begins where “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” left off. As Sarah (Headey) and John (Dekker) concentrate on stopping the creation of Skynet, a new Terminator (Glau) poses as a female high school student to protect John at his school.

“Eli Stone,” Thursday, 10 p.m. (ABC)

Premiere Date: Jan. 31

Starring: Johnny Lee Miller, Victor Garber and Loretta Devine

Summary: Eli Stone (Miller) has it all. He works for a top San Francisco law firm and he’s engaged to the boss’ beautiful daughter. But when he begins to have visions of George Michael singing “Faith” in his living room and is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, he has to figure out if he’s sick or if he’s a prophet being guided to take certain cases.

“Welcome to the Captain,” Monday, 8:30 p.m. (CBS)

Premiere Date: Feb. 4

Starring: Fran Kranz, Chris Klein, Jeffrey Tambor and Raquel Welch

Summary: The new sitcom focuses on the life of former writer hot shot Josh Flug (Kranz) after he moves into a famous old Hollywood apartment building, the El Capitan. His life becomes intertwined with the eclectic group of residents who dub their home, “The Captain.”

“Knight Rider” (NBC)

Premiere Date: Feb. 17

Starring: Justin Bruening, David Hasselhoff and Will Arnett (voice of KITT)

Summary: In this new version of 1980s series “Knight Rider,” Bruening stars as Mike Traceur, the estranged son of original lead Michael Knight (Hasselhoff). Hasselhoff will make a cameo in the two-hour pilot. KITT (Arnett) has been upgraded and now includes additional features such as xenon headlamps with infrared night vision and self-regeneration and damage repair.

“Unhitched” (FOX)

Premiere Date: March 2

Starring: Craig Bierko, Johnny Sneed, Shaun Majumder and Rashida Jones

Summary: The new comedy focuses on a group of friends who find themselves newly single and starting over in their 30s. Familiar face Jones (Karen of “The Office”) is the divorce lawyer of the three guys in the show who moves into the brownstone next to Gator (Bierko) when she herself gets dumped.

“New Amsterdam” (FOX)

Premiere Date: March 4

Starring: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Zuleikha Robinson and Alexie Gilmore

Summary: Dutch soldier John Amsterdam (Coster-Waldau) obtains immortality 1642 after saving the life of a Native American girl. Amsterdam will not become mortal until he finds his one true love. In the present day, Amsterdam lives as a New York City homicide detective and a recovering alcoholic who has seen all his family and friends die over the centuries.

“The Return of Jezebel James” (FOX)

Premiere Date: March 14

Starring: Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose

Summary: In this sitcom, Sarah (Posey) is a successful children’s book author who decides she wants to have a child. When she discovers that she cannot carry her own baby, she turns to sister Coco (Ambrose) to carry it for her. The estranged sisters move in together and Sarah turns Coco’s childhood imaginary friend, Jezebel James, into a new children’s book.