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Platform: Kelly and Poelhuis

| Friday, February 8, 2008

Who They AreKelly is a junior living in St. Edward’s Hall majoring in economics and mathematics. Poelhuis is a junior living in St. Edward’s Hall majoring in mathematics and Arabic.

In Their Wordsu Top Priority: Instituting a free shuttle bus to take students from off campus locations to campus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.u First Priority: Pass a Senate resolution allowing them to work with the administration to bring the shuttle bus to campus.

In Our Wordsu Best Idea: Screen SUB movies during the week as well as on the weekends. At little to no extra cost, SUB could capture the party-going audience for its events by mixing up the schedule.u Worst Idea: Change Freshman Orientation to focus on events bringing just a few freshmen together. Sure, large group events can be awkward, but orientation is unavoidably so. Let the freshmen mix.u Most Feasible Idea: Weekday SUB films would require little extra expenditure, and students would likely attend cheap flicks rather than study all night.u Least Feasible Idea: The shuttle bus. It would be great, but the Board of Trustees is unlikely to change its veto from the last time student government tried this.u Fun Facts: Ask Kelly to sing Macy Gray’s “I Try.” Just do it. Poelhuis has a tattoo on his left upper arm that reads “My family” in Arabic.u Notable Quote: “There’s no monopoly on good ideas.””We think safety’s paramount to everything else.”

Bottom LineThe pair calls its idea to institute a shuttle bus for students heading back to campus on late weekend nights “ambitious, but doable.” If only. While Kelly and Poelhuis are perfectly sincere when they say they’ll do it, they may be unaware of just how quickly a similar idea tanked in 2004. Kelly and Poelhuis’s plan is even broader than the 2004 “SafeBus” proposal, which did not include the Thursday night service Kelly and Poelhuis propose. Still, the Board of Trustees didn’t go for the “drunk bus” then, and it’s doubtful any of those liability issues have disappeared. That doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy idea, however, just not enough to base a platform on. Their lack of experience at the campus wide level of student government could also stand in their way, despite their emphasis on their strong communications skills.