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Whalen wins unanimous decision over Zehrbach

Matt Gamber, Jared Jedick, Pete Reisenauer, Sam Werner and Laura Myers | Tuesday, February 26, 2008

166-pound division

Scott Whalen def. Nick “Jackhammer of Truth” ZehrbachWhalen, a freshman, took advantage of his height early, knocking the senior Zehrbach down twice in the first round. The second round saw continued dominance from Whalen, as Zehrbach was forced to defend most of the round. Whalen continued to control the pace until the end, earning a unanimous victory.

Bryan Grissinger def. David CrayGrissinger dictated the tempo of the bout by displaying a loose, confident swagger. Cray didn’t back down, though, doing most of his damage in the second half of each round. Grissinger finally took a decided advantage by bloodying Cray’s nose early in the third and then putting the fight away following a brief stoppage.

Charlie Gough def. Rob GallicGough literally blew Gallic out of the ring in this fight, knocking him down and through the ropes early in the second round. Gallic landed several punches early in the first, but once Gough gained an advantage, he didn’t relinquish it as the fight ended early by TKO.

Nazur Ahmed def. John TierneyThe contrast in styles was immediately evident, as Tierney stood straight up and looked for headshots while Ahmed’s strategy was to stay lower than his taller opponent. The latter approach prevailed, and Ahmed dominated the final two rounds en route to victory by unanimous decision.

170-pound division

Mike Doran def. John SoltisDoran displayed perhaps more emotion than any other fighter on the night, jumping out of his corner before every round, engaging the crowd and otherwise giving off an air of confidence unmatched during the preliminary rounds. In a split decision that truly went down to the wire – an advantage wasn’t clearly established until the final round, when Doran laid into the junior Soltis against the ropes before Soltis could only hold on for dear life – Doran, a freshman was able to advance.

Drew Whiting def. Brendan CollinsThe sophomore Collins used a distinct height advantage to take an early lead, out-punching Whiting, a senior, nearly three to one throughout the first round. Whiting, his face covered in blood, wouldn’t let his smaller stature hold him back, unloading several hooks that eventually gave him the momentum he needed to win by split decision. The fight appeared to be a deadlock after two rounds, but Whiting outlasted Collins, forcing him into the corner repeatedly in the final minute and winning the third round decisively because of his ability to land a series of jab-hook combos.

Christopher Jordan def. Charles CossellThe senior Jordan’s experience proved too much for Cossell, a sophomore, who was knocked down near the end of the first round. The officials stopped the fight after one round.

Eric Jones def. Matt Paletta Jones, a junior, knocked down Palletta, a sophomore, who appeared to tweak something in his lower body. The officials were forced the stop the fight early in the first round.

Ben O’Brien def. Andrew Renz O’Brien defeated Renz by unanimous decision to advance to the quarterfinals. Renz came out aggressively in each round, but O’Brien maintained his composure and leveled several series of jabs against his opponent. Renz got in some good body shots, but ended the fight bloodied and beaten.

Mike Cimino def. Scott JarvieCimino, a senior, held off a late charge to beat freshman Jarvie by a split decision.Jarvie came out with fists flying, getting in strong jabs in the first round, but Cimino blocked well and countered with some good series of his own. Both fighters tired late in the fight, and Jarvie got Cimino against the ropes late in the third round. Unfortunately for Jarvie, though, the comeback was too little, too late.

Matt Gimlett def. Vincent Keneally Gimlett easily defeated Keneally by a unanimous decision.The fight started off with a quick pace, and Keneally appeared to tire late. By the end of second round, Gimlett was chasing Keneally around the ring, landing punch after punch to wear down his opponent.

Bernardo Garcia def. Patrick Martin Garcia, a freshman, won over Martin, a junior, by unanimous decision. Martin had trouble protecting himself throughout the fight, and Garcia took advantage. Martin was able to land a few good series on the freshman, but a solid consistent jab allowed Garcia to advance to the quarterfinals with relative ease.

176-pound division

Mike Lee def. James HassanThe fight went down to the wire, but Lee landed a good combination of body shots and jabs in the final round to take the fight. Both fighters adapted a somewhat defensive style early on, with each getting in a few good, calculated shots. Lee took control in the final round, though, and advanced to the next round by unanimous decision.

Pat Jackson def.Jonathan ParryPat Jackson didn’t tire and managed to beat junior Jonathan Parry by unanimous decision. The fight was close for all three rounds, but Jackson was able to get in more consistent punches throughout the match. He put the nail in Parry’s coffin in the third round, when he backed the junior against the ropes and landed a flurry of jabs and body shots.

Dominic Golab def. Richard Paulius In a fight that was fast-paced from start to finish, Golab defeated Paulius by unanimous decision. Both fighters came out flying, and neither seemed to tire as the bout wore on. The intensity ramped up at the end of the second round when both fighters continued to throw punches after the bell sounded. Golab proceeded to take control in the final round, landing several shots to his opponent’s head and leaving him bloodied.

Mike Delach def. Ken ShamrellDelach, a freshman, outlasted a tough contest from Shamrell to win by unanimous decision. Both fighters did a lot more punching than defending and with the fight close all the way through, both came out swinging in the third round. Delach was able to land a series of solid body shots and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Josh Von Schaumburg def. Daniel GleesGlees came out more aggressive than Von Schaumburg, who may have focused on blocking Glees’ attack instead of mounting his own in the first round. After getting knocked down in the first, Von Schaumburg turned the tide in the second, connecting on several jabs to the body and hooks to the face that knocked down Glees, a junior, in the second. It was more of the same in the third, as Von Schaumburg dominated the last two rounds en route to a victory by unanimous decision.

Matthew Belton def. Gavin PaynePayne, a junior, dominated the first half of the opening round, immediately backing Belton into the corner and keeping him there long enough to land near a dozen solid jabs. Once Belton got out, though, it was a different story as he mixed in a few uppercuts to go along with an impressive arsenal of hooks and jabs. The start of the third looked much like the fight’s beginning, with Payne able to get Belton in the corner once again. But once again, the senior Belton escaped and regained control, winning the fight by unanimous decision.

Jordan Smith def. Pat AllareSmith was able to corner Allare several times, giving him plenty of opportunities to rack up the punches and points that gave him the victory by a unanimous decision. Allare mounted a substantial comeback in the final round by landing three or four uppercuts, but Smith’s recovery ensured him the win.Andres Villalba def. Barry ClarkLike many of the night’s successful fighters, Villalba established himself by immediately controlling the tempo and putting his opponent on the defensive. Clark had to focus on blocking Villalba’s repertoire of hooks and jabs – so much so that he could hardly fight back during Villalba’s unanimous victory.

189-pound division

John Tchoula def. Bobby HicksTchoula dominated this fight from start to finish – which was ended midway through the first round. He was simply too tall, strong, quick and aggressive for Hicks.

Kevin Carrier def. Daniel McDonaldCarrier charged at McDonald before the opening bell even finished ringing, immediately taking his opponent into the corner with a series of jabs before attempting several uppercuts. McDonald hardly had the opportunity to mount an attack of his own until the second round, but by then, Carrier had pulled too far ahead, guaranteeing him the unanimous decision.

Andrew Mrugala def. Kyle KownackiDespite being just a freshman, Mrugala came out showing no hesitation – the opening bell had to be re-sounded because he came out of the gate so quickly. A knockdown in the second round and a bevy of body shots in the third ensured Mrugala the unanimous victory over the senior Kownacki.

Xavier Burton def. Matthew Gray Both fighters kept up the intensity for all three rounds, but Burton outlasted Gray, landing a consistent series of jabs in the first two rounds. Gray attempted to storm back in the third, but Burton fended off the attack, and effectively countered with his own flurry of punches. Burton won by unanimous decision.

Chris Hapak def. Thomas Smith Hapak dominated Smith and beat the freshman by unanimous decision. Hapak was relentless, beating up on Smith from the moment the bell sounded. The freshman was unable to defend himself as he faced a barrage of jabs and swings. Smith improved as the fight went on but just couldn’t stand up to the law student’s onslaught.

Thomas Haan def.Ryan Landsberg Haan took control in the second half of the fight, and defeated Ryan Landsberg by unanimous decision. Both fighters started off with a very defensive style, with each getting in only a few jabs in the first round. Haan landed a series of solid jabs to start of the second round and dominated for the remainder of the round. Haan’s supremacy flowed into the final round, and he will advance to the quarterfinals.

Alexander Lough def.Fritz Schoenhut Lough defeated Schoenhut easily, with the referee stopping the fight in the second round.Both fighters came out tentatively, but Lough took control late in the first round, backing Schoenhut into a corner and attacking him with a barrage of jabs and uppercuts. The sophomore continued to rely on a strong uppercut in the second round to put Schoenhut on the defensive and cause the referee to end the fight.

206-pound division

James DiGiacomo def. Wil HendersonDiGiacomo, a sophomore, landed one of the night’s most thunderous blows, knocking out the MBA student, Henderson, with a haymaker midway through the first round.

Dex Cure def. Ryan HawleyCure more than made up for in quickness what he lacked in height in this battle of Siegfried residents. The fight was competitive for the first round and a half, but Cure connected on some big shots to knock Hawley off balance and eventually bloody his nose on the way to a unanimous decision.

Brent Coudron def. Reid MahoneyCoudron used his southpaw stance to establish an early advantage and catch the freshman Mahoney off guard, taking it to him for the first 20 seconds. The fight’s pace slowed considerably from there, as Coudron, a law student, forced Mahoney to come to him. Each fighter sporadically landed punches in the final two rounds, but Coudron’s fast start proved to be enough to earn him a unanimous decision.

Tony Klausing def. Brian O’Connor Klausing defeated O’Connor when the referee stopped the contest in the second round.Klausing chased O’Connor around the ring from the beginning of the fight, at points sprinting after him to level a flurry of punches on the freshman. O’Connor never really appeared to have a chance, as he was unable to land solid punches on Klausing at any point in the fight. Klausing swung his arms wildly, but all his punches found O’Connor’s head, and the referee was forced to call the fight.

Heavyweight division

David Stedman def. Daniel Scime In the only heavyweight action of the night, Stedman beat Scime by unanimous decision.Neither appeared to have an advantage early in the fight, but Scime landed a solid jab at the end of the first round to leave Stedman wobbling. Stedman landed several jabs and a strong right uppercut to start off the second round, but Scime countered with a strong left hook. At the end of the round, Scime backed his opponent onto the ropes and used a series of hooks to leave Stedman reeling. Stedman responded in the third round, landing a good series of body shots and uppercuts to take the fight.