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Coffee boosts students through college

Jess Shaffer | Monday, March 10, 2008

“I feel like my mind is an encore.”

These immortal words were uttered by a friend during a much needed coffee break. After hours of drawn out academic exertion, we, like many others, flocked to Waddick’s for our daily ritual of caffination. This remark most likely does not warrant being recounted in print. But alas, I’ve looked beyond the superficial lunacy of the comment. Its claim made me consider some very real an existential truths about life under the influence, of caffeine that is.

Truth Number One: Coffee defies reality. In college, there is no escape like caffeine. Okay, maybe there is no du Lac friendly escape like caffeine. The most obvious case of coffee’s delusional power is its dominance over sleep deprivation. Coffee is the all-nighter’s best friend.

Any advisor or physician would suggest water and healthy eating habits as the perfect fuel for your academic fighting machine. But then again, who listens to someone whose trying to rob us of our god given right to eat fried foods and stay awake into the wee hours of the morning? This article is about wonderfully unhealthy caffeine habits, not addiction to carrots and such.

Ultimately, everyone knows that nothing provides a quick fix like a hot cup of joe. Coffee can defeat the worst karma and the dreariest day with rejuvenation and energy. It provides miraculous services to college students everywhere.

Truth Number Two: Cause and Effect. As mom always said, “Everything in Moderation.” Caffeine can do strange and wonderful things. Case and point: 2 AM trip to St. Liam’s after two pots of extra strong coffee. Heart palpitations aren’t as cool as they sound. And then there is the whole confusing affect of being awake when you should be asleep. There is that point in caffination where up becomes down. The thin line between opposites becomes confused and nonsense ensues. Remember that mental encore.

Truth Number Three: You are what you drink. The beautiful thing about coffee is its ability to compliment the personality of every drinker. Black coffee for those not so faint of heart. Frappaccinos for our beloved pink-iPod-listening Grey’s Anatomy fans. Cappuccinos for seniors missing their year abroad in Europe. Soy infusions for granola yuppies. Mochas for chocolate lovers. The stereotyping is endless. Coffee is all about what you, as an individual, want. Just remember that you define your coffee. Don’t let your coffee define you.

Caffeine may be the path to greater enlightenment. So make sure to hit up your café of choice. Whether it comes from Waddicks, Decio, or Starbucks, approach your daily jolt with a newfound appreciation. It may open your eyes to your own, nonsensical mental encore. Then again, it could also leave you a sleepless zombie. But at least you’ll be in good company.

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