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Lost in Harry Potter

Bill Brink | Friday, March 28, 2008

It’s 9 p.m. on Thursday and I’m watching Xavier take my bracket and light it on fire by losing to West Virginia with two minutes left. The only explanation: ‘Lost’ isn’t on this week.

I came to the realization that many of the characters in ‘Lost’ have alter-egos in ‘Harry Potter.’ Jack is Harry, hands down. Like Harry, one goal, to get off the island at all costs, motivates him throughout the series. Harry doesn’t know it the whole time, but his goal is to destroy Voldemort. Both are misunderstood by their friends at times, and both play the voice of reason in their respective settings.

My favorite character on ‘Lost,’ Ben, is clearly Snape. Is he good or bad? Ben once gassed the entire island; Snape was once a Death Eater. One second Ben is shooting people in the back; the next, he’s divulging secrets to Locke. Nothing Snape does is one-sided, and it’s impossible to interpret the motives or ends of his actions. Are his occlumency lessons intended to protect Harry from Voldemort or widen his mind so the Dark Lord can get easy access? Difficult questions, and like Snape in the books, I don’t think we’ll find out Ben’s motives and goals until the end of the series.

The gaseous cloud of death has to be Voldemort before he got his body back, if only for the physical likeness. The implausibility of both also links them. Where does a cloud of gas come from on an island in the south Pacific? How did one-seventh of Voldemort’s soul survive to float around in Albania for 14 years? Unicorn blood? I’m not buying it.

Xavier just forced overtime. Ballin.

Juliet has got to be Cho. She’s not right for Jack in the same way as Cho wasn’t right for Harry. Jack’s only with her to [tick] off Kate for sleeping with Sawyer. Soap opera-esque drama aside, it’s the truth.

Jacob, the invisible voice in the shack that only Ben can talk to, is the Dumbledore of the island. I don’t know what it (he?) is, but I do know that it knows everything we want to know. Ben is right about far too many things for Jacob not to be legit. Likewise, Dumbledore was always seven steps ahead of everyone else and knew the outcome of events, as well as their causes, before they happened.

Locke is Malfoy, an impudent little brat whose power trip dug him into a hole he doesn’t know how to get out of. Just like Malfoy failed to kill Dumbledore, Locke could not discern what Ben knew, what the Dharma Initiative was, or why the people from Whitmore’s boat are there.

There are some other possibilities. Hurley as Neville? (Useless). Jin as Krum? (Tough time with English). Sawyer as Cedric Diggory? (Athletic ladies’ man).

In Harry’s absence, I’ll continue to make comparisons and look forward to the rest of ‘Lost.’ In high spirits because Xavier rained down treys in overtime to win, keeping my bracket intact, I’ll look forward to ‘Lost’ with happiness and confusion.