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Monologues’ debate continues

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, March 27, 2008

After seeing the opening night of the ‘Vagina Monologues,’ we were appalled. However, we were appalled not at the content of the play, but at the actions of certain members of the Notre Dame community. As we are all aware, there has been much controversy surrounding the staging of the Monologues at our Catholic university. Many people have been passing out flyers and writing letters in protest, however during the actual show, protesters scattered all over the auditorium promptly interrupted the show by getting up and leaving after the first monologue.

We understand that many people hold different opinions surrounding this issue, yet disrespectful expressions of these varying attitudes should not be tolerated. All those involved in the Monologues have put in countless hours and effort towards this production. At the very least, your peers deserve your respect for all the time and energy they have put forth, even if you disagree with their message.

Being at Notre Dame has taught many of us valuable life lessons. One that we think is most important and should not be missed is that of being open-minded and respectful to all. As part of this esteemed university, we are constantly presented with the challenge of understanding complicated issues, and taking stances of our own accord entwined with personal thoughts, values, and beliefs. The mission of the University is to foster intellectual development through challenges to ourselves and one other. Students have the responsibility to actively engage in discussions about controversial issues, including social taboos, particularly in an academic setting.

The point of going to college is not to be constantly bombarded with one-sided ideologies that are to be accepted without question. Rather, our minds should be stimulated with new and thought-provoking subject matters. We then, as individuals, have been privileged with the intelligence to walk away from these experiences with our own opinions on any given topic. But to form your own opinion should always be done respectfully, especially when your peers are presenting the issue.

After all, respect is something even Bishop D’Arcy advocates.

Judy Conway


Breen Phillips Hall

Jennie Hiatt


McGlinn Hall

March 26