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Protesters out of line

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday I was walking to class with my boyfriend, who was wearing his Army uniform, when we came upon a protest against the Iraq War on Fieldhouse Mall near Lafortune. My boyfriend stood tall, looked forward and walked past the protesters without uttering a word. We were immediately followed by a young man holding a sign that said “Support the Troops, Not the War” who “thanked” him for his service and yelled at him to come join the protest later in the day.

It was a slap in the face to my boyfriend, since some of the other protesters held signs complaining of Iraqi deaths brought about by American soldiers and demeaning the administration that has supported the troops throughout the war. At this point, my blood boiled, and I began to wonder whether this so-called supporter of the troops really knew what it meant to show support?

Members of ROTC and those in the armed forces today made a choice to join the service. They were not drafted. To believe that they would stand in protest of something that they have chosen to dedicate their lives to is insulting and ignorant. To claim that you support people while standing in protest of what they risk their lives for is absurd.

So, I would like to challenge all of those who make similar claims of “support” to put down your signs and actually do something worthwhile for a change. If you truly support the troops, spend the time you waste idly standing with a sign preparing a care package for a soldier. Get a name and address on Anysoldier.com and send a card or an e-mail thanking them. It is, after all, soldiers who have fought and died to guarantee your right to stand in protest and ridicule the very causes that they risk their lives for. If any of you would like to put your words of support into action I would be happy to pass along the addresses of my boyfriend, and all other junior cadets in Army ROTC, who will be spending most of this summer training in Fort Lewis, Washington away from their friends and families. I know they would prefer you to show your appreciation with letters and packages as opposed to your distorted version of “support” that is, in fact, a mockery.

Meghan Sweeney


Farley Hall

March 19