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Yatarola shows the way

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ed Keenan is clearly a lost soul careening down a path of corruption. In his article “Obama most likely not the Antichrist” (March 19), Keenan bashes Greg Yatarola, the final bastion of faith and reason here in The Observer, for having nothing “original” or “relevant” to say about the destructive monstrosity that is Barack Obama, calling Yatarola’s words “absurd.”

Need I remind you all that this is just the sort of derision endured by the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for his defense of the poor, diseased, and Republican. In fact, one notices that the inane idol worship that follows Obama everywhere he goes is just the opposite of what the brilliant Yatarola faces on this campus. The insightful commentaries of this modern prophet are dismissed by nearly all students in the same way as by Keenan.

Yet though he is inevitably responded to with great hostility by the Notre Dame student body, Greg the Great trucks on, writing article after article to The Observer, taking time out of his real-world day to try to lead the students of his alma mater to the light. Thank God for alumni who are so involved.

If Barack Obama is the Antichrist, which I have no doubt he is, then Yatarola is clearly the second coming of our Savior. His battles against the insanity of change in Washington, hopes for healthcare and disgusting views about abortion which Obama may or may not hold is valiant, and yet we crucify this great man all over again.

The time has come. The Evil One has emerged from his lair in the United States Senate to devour us all. Yet our last light and hope shines through the Viewpoint section of the Notre Dame Observer, a beacon for all pious men to follow. You unbelievers have only death to look forward to. The Yatarapture will soon descend upon us. You will be left behind, only to be slaughtered in the great Obama-Yatarola battle in the valley of Megiddo. May God have mercy on your fascist souls, if you can even claim to have them. The Word of Yatarola. (You say: Thanks be to Greg).

Andy Gray


Siegfried Hall

March 19