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Alcohol in the ‘Real World’

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, April 10, 2008

On April 10 Ryan Slaney wrote “alcohol is a deterrent toward the academic and moral development of students here at Notre Dame.” (“Alcohol: Enemy of academic and moral development,” April 10). Ryan, are you sure about that? Guess what, drinking alcohol does not stop once you leave college. To a certain extent it becomes more a part of people’s lives as age and money are no longer issues, as they were in college. Part of your “academic development” is to learn how to deal with alcohol, whether it is your usage or existing with other people’s usage. Alcohol is not going anywhere anytime soon in the “real world.”

To ban it on campus and limit everyone’s “alcohol experiences” would only put Notre Dame students at a disadvantage once they join the workforce. I have yet to be at a firm function after work hours that did not involve alcohol. In addition, promotion days and events such as golf outings always involve alcohol. Would you truly want to be dealing with these types of social environments for the first time at your first job? Lastly, in my mind alcohol is the furthest thing from an “enemy” as you stated. Alcohol was present at some of the best times of my life. In fact, I invited “Alcohol” to my tailgates, my Notre Dame graduation party, my promotion parties and she even showed up for the best day of my life, my wedding.

Bill Nolan


Class of 2001

April 10