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Alcohol the cause of numerous social ills

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am writing to honor Kelsey Robertson on her deep and courageous commentary (“Consumption thought out,” Apr. 8) on the problem of alcohol consumption that has ravaged the campuses (or is it campi?) of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s.

While I agree completely with Robertson, I firmly believe that she should have taken it further. It is not just often I find myself disgusted at the behavior of good people under the influence; it is always.

People should respect themselves as humans and intellectuals for I am sure that no intellectual has ever had a drink. No one should willingly surrender body and mind to a liquid or video game or even an animal. Like Ms. Robertson, the “recreational consumption of alcohol is something I will never understand.” Unlike Ms. Robertson, my problem is not with being awakened by “drunk girls shrieking in the hallways at 4 a.m.” or even vomit on the sidewalks.

My problem is when people talk about things like philosophy or politics or life when they’re drunk. Or when people give me hugs and tell me they love me. The worst is when people think they can actually dance. It’s terrible. Shouldn’t they know better? As for those “inconsiderate pigs” that compromise the safety and comfort of you and me, I have a suggestion. They should be forced to listen to you read your Viewpoint letter aloud every single day of the academic year. That will teach them to remember that the “world does not revolve around [them] and [their] drunken escapades”!

In the words of the great Duffman, “Duffman can never die. Only the actors who play him. OOOO YEAH!!”

Tae Kang


Keenan Hall

Apr. 8