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Don’t wanna get served

Sam Werner | Monday, April 7, 2008

Although it goes without saying that North Dining Hall is far better to any other eating establishment on campus with the words “Dining Hall” in it, a recent change has led to a severe slip in its superiority.

For some reason unbeknownst to nearly all North Quad residents, you’re no longer allowed to serve yourself for pasta stir-fry, Chinese stir-fry, or fajitas.

You know the sign at the exits to all the dining halls? The one that begins with “You may eat as much as you like while you are in the dining hall … ” Well part of the sign no longer true at North Dining Hall (the part about leaving with only one fruit or pastry was always a joke). Previously, I would pile my pasta high with as much rigatoni, pepperoni, and spinach as I like. Now, I must be satisfied with however much the “service associate” deems necessary.

Ever since football season, I’ve looked forward to Fajita Fridays. I remember after pep rallies going back to the dining hall and waiting in line for what seemed like (and was) an inordinate amount of time. But when I got those four delicious, steaming fajitas on my plate, it was all worth it. Last Friday, with the weekend at hand and fajitas ready to be eaten, I waited in line for just as long. But this time, because the portioning was no longer under my control, the payout was only two fajitas. Two fajitas? That was just enough to get me excited to eat the other two fajitas I usually get. Instead, I was faced with the two options of either waiting in line for another 15 minutes just for another two fajitas or leaving the dining hall unsatisfied. Dejected, and with other things to do on my Friday night, I went back to my room, stomach unfilled.

Maybe, I’m just a control freak, but if I want exactly one and a half spoonfuls of sausage on my pasta, why not? Sure, you can say “a little bit more” or “a little bit less”, but they never get it exactly right, do they? Everything else in the dining hall is serve-yourself (except for the make-your-own-pizza, which I would not trust myself with), why is the stir-fry any different?

One more thing, the other dining hall on campus still offers serve-yourself stir-fry. I suppose we north campus residents aren’t as trustworthy with our food as our south campus brethren. If this decision isn’t reversed, I may have to take my business to this other dining hall. It may be a bit of an extra walk, but if it means I’ll have total control over my food (especially with the recent tuition hike, we deserve it), it would be more than worth it.