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GOP misunderstood

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 14, 2008

This is a direct response to a letter recently written to The Observer titled, “GOP not pro-life” (April 9). Francisco, I find what you wrote not only appalling but very invalid. You, as so many people interested and involved in politics, make dumb generalizations about Republicans – we only care about whites, upper-middle and upper class people, Catholics, men and ourselves (people exactly like us). Please read clearly – you are wrong. Maybe you should realize that we care about our nation, its status, and the people living in it – all of them. How can you say that “Catholic pro-lifers” do not care about women, those being tortured, the poor, the environment, or those around the world who need our help? That is ridiculous; I guarantee they overlap on more occasions. Do not be so inclined to think that people who feel strongly about not killing babies and are pro-life have no other views. They even care about Liberals like you and only want you to understand their views; they are not just trying to be a “beacon of light and truth” like we all do when we argue our opinions. Overall, what I must say is if we want to talk about generalizing political parties, then you, as a liberal, must not care about babies and our nation’s security among many other things. I, on the other hand, will simply say your argument is completely flawed; also, you may want to think twice about writing such statements that make not only you look bad but your beloved Democratic party. I am pretty sure even Hilary Clinton wouldn’t make such a dumb and untrue statement. Oh, and just so you are aware, my vote goes to John McCain for the 2008 presidency not just because he is pro-life.

Kevin KimberlyfreshmanO’Neill HallApril 9