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Keep current Frosh-O

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, April 3, 2008

After hearing about the new plans for Freshman Orientation (“Group discusses change to Orientation format,” April 1), I have to wonder if Coughlin and members of the Campus Life Council ever attended Notre Dame Frosh-o. The very things they want to change (the fast-paced schedule, the bizarre rituals, the general awkwardness of the whole weekend) are what make Frosh-o so effective. Being bombarded with so many traditions and so many people so fast not only initiates freshmen into the campus community, it makes it easier to sit down in class on the first day and introduce yourself without much hesitation.

I think it’s ridiculous to put less emphasis on interdorm activities. Dorm unity is great, but really, isn’t it better to know there are other people on campus besides your roommates? My favorite parts of orientation weekend were the little planned outings we had with other dorms, that “awkward and forced … inter-gender socialization” – the “Shoe Dates,” the dodgeball games on the library quad and the nights when the boys’ dorms would run around campus singing.

Some of my best friends here I met through those so-called inane Frosh-o activities – both male and female. And as for more time to “say good-bye to parents”: Haven’t freshmen had 18 years with them? A whole summer to plan for college? And a weeklong fall break in a few months when they’ll probably see their family again?

Freshmen Orientation is – big surprise here – called as such because its supposed to orient freshmen to their new homes. I love my parents, but I think this new idea of more time spent with families is more for the parents’ sake than the student’s.

Jordan Gamble


McGlinn Hall

April 1