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Living wage now

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 28, 2008

I have worked in Building Services for two years, so most of this is about the people there, plus food service, lawn care and laundry.

South Bend has one of the highest numbers of children living in poverty as compared to other towns around the U.S., and our children are also some of the worst-educated, as reported by the South Bend Tribune. The chances of them going to college are very small. In that Notre Dame is the largest employer in South Bend, they must help stop the poverty. It’s good that they help all over the world, but take care of home first.

There are two people in my home and I qualify for help to pay heat and electric; you get help once a year. I also go to two churches every month for food. Notre Dame keeps saying that the benefits make up for the low pay, but they don’t. We need a 401K that they match up to 6 percent, not a college benefit that is no help to us.

The college benefit is not fair, because how will many of us ever use it? Even if the children made it, where would we get the extra money for room and board? Also, many workers are older and will never be able to use the benefit. If we were paid more, we could save for a college fund or retirement if needed, but there is no money left over to save. Plus, many schools offer free schooling to low-income families.

For right now, I want to be able to pay my bills. The university says we need to manage our money. I see people with food stamps eating better than I do. We don’t even get a cost of living raise.

If I was off work with no pay, I would lose my home. I am going to show you what I make and what my bills are:

Here is what I make in a month: $1,334.94

Here is the total of my bills: $1,311.00

That leaves $23.94


House payment 525.00

Heat budget 110.00

Phone 45.00

Electric budget 50.00

House/car insurance 78.00

Car, gas, etc. 160.00

Save for house tax 53.00

Old bill 50.00

Food 240.00


I shop at stores where I get a discount, I use coupons and I buy what is on sale. I do all of my trips in one to save gas. I take lunch to work, do not eat out, do not go out to bars, movies, etc. I have no cable or computer. At the end of the month, there is no money left, not even for the co-pay on a visit to the doctor. No money to take my grandkids to the zoo or pool. No money for car repairs, house repairs, or for gifts or vacations. No money to buy children’s clothes. There isn’t even money to put gas in the lawnmower.

You can’t buy a car if needed. I know two people who lost their cars and can’t afford to buy replacements. The bus only helps if you work first shift.

A lot of the other benefits that the University offers us we do not use because many people work overtime or two jobs and do not have time to play golf, go swimming, or go to the gym. I would like to see a change in some of the benefits. Maybe give us options for things that we could choose from, things that we need or would actually use.

Notre Dame always wants to be number one. Keeping campus workers and their children out of poverty would be a good place to start in achieving this goal. The University keeps promising that things are going to improve, but they have not, and we need a living wage now.

Prudence Dorsey


April 28