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Re-rethinking alcohol consumption

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I love Notre Dame with every fiber of my being but the pretentiousness and sanctimony being spewed by some Notre Dame students with regards to alcohol consumption make me sad to call them my peers. I don’t care if you drink alcohol. Maybe you just don’t like the taste or you happen to dislike the post-drinking side effects. But just because you do not drink does not give you any acceptable reason to thumb your nose at those who do or look down at us beer drinkers from your imaginary pedestal.I have met some extraordinary people here at this university and a lot of them drink something other than soda or Cabernets. And maybe some of these outstanding people I’ve encountered consume too many cold beverages on the weekend but you know what; it’s called being a 19-year-old and being in college. This is the last four years (make that two) of my life to occasionally make questionable decisions and just be ridiculous.Now don’t get me wrong, I abhor those drinkers who let alcohol lead them to being violent, abusive, and non-responsive but that’s why you surround yourself with friends who will look out for you even when you’re stumbling down Notre Dame Ave. after a house party. I’m sure I speak for a large group of people when I say that most students at this university have encircled themselves within a group of friends that genuinely care not only about each other, but more importantly, each other’s well-being. Alcohol consumption is only a problem when you either drink by yourself (and in that case have serious problems) or hang out with a group of people who are terrible human beings and have no regard for your personal safety. I’m going to make a bold prediction that the majority fall into the first group.So Daniel Cerrone, Ryan Slaney and all you other condescending Notre Dame students, I am not asking you to become pro-drinking. Instead, I am asking you to realize that not only are you not more intellectual and moral for not consuming alcohol but that you also need to lighten up and allow others to enjoy their college years. But seriously guys (and girls), go grab a Keystone Light and enjoy the nectar of the Gods.

Tim LangsophomoreO’Neill HallApr. 8