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Respect Colbert

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How dare you, Mr. Yatarola (“Colbert? Really?,” April 29), for belittling name of Stephen Colbert, a great American hero. You think Colbert is unqualified to speak at our University? When is the last time Ben and Jerry’s named an ice cream flavor after you, sir? Oh wait. They haven’t. And even if they did, it would probably taste bad and nobody would buy it.

You say that Colbert and his mentor, Jon Stewart (another great American hero) are “dishonest cheap-shot artists,” but then go on to call the pair “small, weasely” men and refer to Jon Stewart and his “man-crush on the Obamessiah.” If that isn’t a low-blow cheap shot then I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, you call Colbert an “obnoxious pretend journalist,” but I suppose I might have to defer to your judgment there. If there’s anybody who writes for The Observer that knows about obnoxious, pretend journalism it has to be you.

Finally, I would like to disagree with your claim that if we allowed dueling in the United States Colbert and Stewart would stop “their routine casual smearing” (you call it smearing, I call it a free press that heightens the level of discourse of our already highly informed electorate). I’m sure that if you challenged Stephen Colbert to a duel he would undoubtedly kick your ass.

Will Clark


Alumni Hall

April 29