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Staying true to Catholicism

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 28, 2008

I believe too much is being made over the university’s decision to not include sexual orientation in the non-discrimination clause. The Catholic Church opposes social acceptance of homosexuality, yet recognizes that homosexuals deserve respect and justice. The University is standing completely by that ideal by not including sexual orientation in the non-discrimination clause. They recognize and have stated that they accept and value homosexuals on campus (by treating them with respect as stated in the “Spirit of Inclusion”) yet will not put into policy a clause that recognizes social acceptance of homosexuals.

Leave it at that. It’s not like the university asks on their application what your sexual orientation is. They don’t ask and therefore are non-discriminatory in that respect. The university is simply upholding the Catholic values that we are required to uphold as a Catholic university. Adding sexual orientation to the non-discrimination clause would create the Pandora’s Box mentioned in the “Two Words” viewpoint by opening up the door to attacking different Catholic values and would therefore be an irresponsible move towards maintaining a Catholic university.

David Fairburn


Keenan Hall

April 28