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Students voice concerns, Security listens

Liz Harter and Mandi Stirone | Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is the second article in a two-part series exploring the policies of Saint Mary’s Security.

When Saint Mary’s student body president Mickey Gruscinski and vice president Sarah Falvey campaigned for office, they saw a need to work with Security to make the campus safer and increase student’s faith in the department.

They met with Director of Security and Assistant director of Security Dave Gariepy and Stan Klimczak shortly after winning the election to express their concerns about the reliability of the escort policy, but Gariepy and Klimczak brought up other issues as well.

“[They talked about] sexual assault and informing students how to stay safe,” Falvey said. “Dave also highlighted some of the positive things that he had done including [creating] the lost and found.”

With the questions surrounding the trespasser who escaped custody after making his way onto the roof of Regina Hall April 5, and seemingly slow response to the incident from Saint Mary’s Security detailed in the first part of this series, many College students have concerns about the effectiveness of Saint Mary’s Security.

Falvey, however, does not think Security is ineffective.

“I think they take [our safety] very seriously,” she said. “[I feel] they would try their hardest [to fix any problems students have] because they’re really committed to it.”

While Falvey may think this, not all members of the Saint Mary’s campus feel as though Security is committed to becoming more efficient.

More Discrepancies

On Feb. 27, Sr. Jean Klene, an English professor at Saint Mary’s college, fainted about 10 minutes into her “Shakespere: Page, Stage, and Screen” class, students Morgan Gay and Erica Deters said.

“I saw Sister Jean pass out and I started running through the hallway as others were calling security and 911,” said Gay, who is a student in Klene’s class. “We couldn’t find a teacher because they were on their lunch break.”

Deters, another student in the class, also made an attempt to find a professor, when she returned, Security had still not arrived, she said.

When Security did arrive, a Notre Dame fire unit and an ambulance arrived shortly after them, Gariepy said He said three officers responded to the situation.

“Although Saint Mary’s Security was not the first called, we were the first to arrive,” he said.

After their arrival, the security guards first reaction was to have the ambulance leave, Gay said.

“We heard them say to send the ambulance back because he thought she tripped,” Gay said.

Deters also heard the ambulance being asked to leave, she said.

“I was rather shocked about it. I wiould expect that when someone randomly passes out they would be rushed to the hospital and have medical attention immediately,” she said.

After students begged Klene to do so, the ambulance returned and she was taken to be examined, Gay said.

Gariepy said that when Sgt Gene Nevins, the first to arrive, got to the Regina Hall classroom, he found a conscious Klene with several students and that she “was convenced to go to the hospital for an examination.”

He and Klimczak arrived shortly after Nevins, Gariepy said.

Students in the class were repremanded by security officers for how they handled the situation, Gay said.

“Security came up to us and asked why we called 911 and not just Security,” she said.

Gariepy said that no repremand was made.

“Students in the classroom were not repremanded for calling 911 before calling us, they were thanked for their assistance and congratulated on a job well done,” he said.

Students are also advised to call 911 on the Saint Mary’s Web site.

Regina Response

Security has responded to concerns voiced by students concerning the trespasser on the roof of Regina Hall on April 5, which was detailed in the first parto of The Observer’s examination of Saint Mary’s Security

In an e-mail sent to Regina residents by Hall Director Toyin Adeyemi, security staff will be holding a meeting to hear students’ “issues or concerns.”

“There is an ongoing investigation about the incident that occurred on April 5 late at night … More information is needed in order to find out what happened on that particular day,” the e-mail said.

Residents who were involved are also encouraged to contact Adeyemi, the e-mail said

All residents are encouraged to attend the meeting, to be held tonight at 7 p.m. in the North Lounge of Regina Hall, to “find out what security had done regarding the case and what steps have been taken to make sure that it does not happen again,” the e-mail said.