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Swinging for the Lord

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As we enjoy spring at Our Lady’s University, we feel that there is something missing here, and it’s something that really needs to be addressed. You’ve probably already realized it on your own. If not, let us enlighten you: Notre Dame needs a swing set. Take a moment and consider the vital role that a swing set plays at a Catholic university.

Part of what many of us value about Notre Dame is the strong sense of community on our campus. But look at what is happening around you. People spend less time outside in God’s creation, and more time tucked away in stinky dorm rooms. “Weee” is being replaced with “Wii.” A swing set (or two or three) could help stem this tide of inactive, isolationist behavior.

All you need to do is look at how perfectly having a swing set aligns with Catholic Social Teaching. 1. The Principle of Human Dignity – Each person has a claim on membership in a community (a.k.a. the Notre Dame family, a.k.a. the new civilization of love). In the same way, each person at Notre Dame has a claim on the use of a campus swing set. 2. The Principle of Association – Every person is not only sacred but also social. A swing set with three swings is the perfect symbol of community, reminding us of the eternal loving community of the Holy Trinity. 3. The Principle of Participation – The swing set will transcend every barrier of language, race, and culture. John Paul II said so, and he is infallible. 4. The Principle of Preferential Protection for the Poor and Vulnerable – It’s free, and it’s fun. 5. The Principle of Solidarity – We are one human family gathered around a swing set; you push my back, I’ll push yours. 6. The Principle of Stewardship – Not only does swinging protect God’s creation (what greener form of recreation is there?), but each upswing brings you closer to the Lord. 7. The Principle of Human Equality – We’re transcending barriers … one size fits all people. 8. The Principle of the Common Good – As a sense of community is eroded, concern for the common good declines.

It’s only a few weeks until graduation, but we think this cause is worth investing in without any further delay. Let us commit as a campus community to the procurement of a swing set. How about it Class of 2008? Notre Dame … Fighting for a Swing Set. What would you fight for?

Jessica Brock and Joni Michaud

law students

off campus

April 15