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T.V. and friendships

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 14, 2008

I write in response to Nikki Huiras (“Why stop at alcohol?” April 14) and her claim that television is detrimental to student academics, health and social lives. Despite the fact that I’d like to point out that she is illegitimizing a large group of people majoring in Film, Television, and Theater, I would like to refute many of her claims.

First of all, considering our high graduation rate, Notre Dame students are hardly failing. I myself watch television several hours a day, but I am far from failing and that is despite the fact that I watch “America’s Next Top Model.” I also resent the insinuation that I would be boring because I watch a lot of T.V. I think T.V. has helped me learn more about the world through things like news and the History Channel, therefore becoming better informed and therefore interesting. Second, as far as the fact that T.V. is bad for your health by impairing vision and encouraging weight gain. It is true that T.V. can do that, but I would argue that spending hours sitting around reading and doing homework can do the same thing. I think most students make sure they fit physical activity into their lives. Finally, T.V. has helped my social life in many ways. Often, T.V. is a way for me to instantly connect with someone I have just met. We discover we like the same show, have long conversation, get together to watch show, bond, become best friends. When I was traveling in Switzerland I made friends with an Australian girl over conversation that began due to a mutual like of the show “Friends.” We still remain great friends a year later. I have connected with my mom as we watched “Gilmore Girls” together, laughed over “The Office” with my dad, bonded with my sisters over “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” just as Nikki connected with her grandmother with religious T.V.

I don’t make any claim that T.V. is completely good, but it is certainly not quite the demon that Nikki makes it out to be. Therefore, I will end my comments as I watch reruns of “Full House” and reminisce about the good times I had watching it with my sisters while growing up.

Molly RivardseniorWelsh Family HallApril 14