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Thursday Favorites Finally Return After Long Strike

Cassie Belek | Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So far this season: The “TGS” crew returns to work after the summer off, but Liz still hasn’t gotten over her break-up with boyfriend Floyd. In a moment of panic and desperation, she buys a wedding dress she doesn’t need and hits rock bottom.

Jenna comes back with some extra weight after having to eat 32 slices of pizza a week starring in “Mystic Pizza: The Musical!” She loses the weight and a good storyline. Tracy’s wife kicks him out of the house, but Kenneth helps the couple get back together. Jack starts dating a democratic congresswoman named C.C., but the star-crossed lovers struggle to stay together as C.C. is committed to her duties in Washington and Jack faces pressure at work and a possible promotion. Jack chooses work over love and reminds Liz that she did the same thing.

Jack has to give up his collection of cookie jars, Kenneth competes in a page-off, the “TGS” crew goes wild at Kenneth’s annual house party, Liz tips off her Middle Eastern neighbor to Homeland Security only to discover that he was just auditioning for “The Amazing Race,” Liz dates a much younger man, and all hell breaks loose when Jack’s mother decides to ruin the holiday spirits of the Lemon family.

Stand-out episode: “Rosemary’s Baby.” It’s hard to pick just one stand-out episode, but a brilliant guest appearance by Carrie Fischer (complete with a “Star Wars” reference) makes this one of the funniest episodes of an almost flawless second season. Fischer portrays Liz’s idol, Rosemary Howard, a comedy writer from the sex and drug-ridden days of comedy sketch shows who just doesn’t belong in today’s writing rooms. Meanwhile, Jack helps Tracy through therapy, and Alec Baldwin guarantees himself the Emmy after his one-man role play of Tracy’s family.

Stand-out character: Jenna. Jenna doesn’t always have the greatest storylines. Heck, sometimes she’s even missing in episodes. But the “Jenna comes back fat” storyline was perfect for the vain character obsessed with her image. It’s a storyline that could have come across as cruel, but instead it was just funny. Jenna increased her celebrity for accepting the fat and she even got her own T-shirt modeled after a truly stupid “Me want food!” idea.

Tomorrow’s episode: “MILF Island.” While the “TGS” writing staff is obsessing over the season finale of reality hit “MILF Island” (25 super hot moms, 50 eighth grade boys, no rules), the Page Six column leaks that a staffer on the show called Jack a “Class A Moron.” An inquisition led by Jack’s assistant Jonathan ensues.

End of the season predictions: Jack loses the Chairman position to Devin Banks (after all, we can’t have Jack Donaghy running so far away from “TGS”) which would certainly guarantee more appearances by guest star Will Arnett. The Floydster leaves Cleveland and lunch at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Little Richard to return to Liz. Kenneth the Page gets promoted because the page program technically only lasts two years, but he will refuse to surrender his page jacket. Jenna reunites with ex-fiancé David Blaine.