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Too juicy to be true

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 28, 2008

Today I did something awful. I posted a nasty comment about someone on juicycampus.com. The only thing is, I’ve never met her. I just randomly searched a name on facebook and then spoke my uninformed mind. In reality, I mean her no ill-will; I am just trying to make a point.

Here’s the deal, guys. Juicy Campus is nothing more than the stuff of bathroom stall graffiti. The posts on Notre Dame’s forum could be written by anyone (read: Notre Dame students OR students from other colleges, any faculty, Joe Schmoe, a racist KKK member, or an attention-seeking sixth grader posing as an Notre Dame student), from anywhere (read: Notre Dame’s campus OR anywhere else in the world), about anyone (read: real people OR fake people, or students the writer has never actually met), concerning anything (read: actual events OR completely fabricated situations, false character descriptions, bent truths, half-lies, etc.), which may or may not reflect the author’s true feelings (read: reflecting their actual beliefs OR totally made up crap just to get a rise out of people, someone from the outside trying to give Notre Dame students a bad name, etc.)

We are giving this Web site way more credit than it deserves. If you found a comment posted about you on there, it could have been made by a prankster roommate, a jealous friend, or some random dude from Bumpsville, Ill. who has never met you and hates all things Irish. Isn’t the poor spelling and grammar a tip-off that maybe it’s not Notre Dame students who are doing the posting? If you are reading about what a classmate did at a party, chances are the party never happened, much less what the classmate is said to have done. Juicy Campus provides NO true information. It is like Wikipedia without any moderators keeping it relatively accurate. Let’s stop using up our energy on this useless site and get back to wasting our time on more important things like facebook.

P.S. If I managed to damage anyone’s reputation by posting on that site, I’m sorry, but I’m more sorry if our community has come to a place where reputations can actually be damaged by such a site.

Scott Deeney


Keough Hall

April 28