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Welcome to summer

Liz Harter | Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you didn’t already know from the nostalgic Inside Columns, Viewpoints and goodbyes from illustrious scene editors this is the last edition of The Observer that will make its way across campus for the 2007-2008 school year (except for our May 16 senior edition).

This fact is exciting for those of us that work long nights in the basement of South Dining Hall.

For one and a half glorious weeks we’ll be able to rejoin the ranks of our fellow students who don’t stay up abominably late, don’t stumble in to 8 a.m. classes dead tired because we worked until 3:30 and aren’t attending lectures because we have to write at least 500 words on them.

Oh wait, you all do those things too, just not because of a newspaper.

And finals start next week, meaning we really only have three days to relax before we have to hole up in our dorm rooms or the library to study for our the three tests, two oral exams and the research paper we have to write … or is that just my finals schedule.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, I applaud you. If not, then I don’t exactly care because you aren’t even reading this sentence. The rest of this column won’t be an emotional reminiscence of why I decided to attend Saint Mary’s or my past three years working for The Observer. Instead, I want to look forward to the future – more specifically, what can you do during your summer vacation?

There are really four main options available to you and most of what you do will fall into one of the following categories: work, service, travel and play.

– Work: Whether you’re job is an internship which will hopefully further your career goals after you graduate or flipping burgers at your local McDonald’s, working will probably (and unfortunately) take up most of your summer. Hopefully you’ve all found something that either pays well or you enjoy to make up for the long hours you’ll spend indoors working for “the man.”

– Service: Although those of you participating in activities in a volunteer capacity won’t be gaining a monetary reward, most of you will have valuable experiences and learn lessons you can draw upon throughout your life.

– Travel: This is what I wish I was doing this summer. Unfortunately, my summer plans fall into the first category. If you are lucky enough to be going on a cross country adventure or European voyage I advise you to take a lot of pictures and keep a journal of your experiences … believe me, those of us stuck in behind a desk all summer will want to hear all about your exploits even if they will make us jealous.

– Play: This is something we should all be participating in this summer. No matter what we do, there are always nights and weekends to de-stress, be young and have fun. Live it up. All too soon we’ll be back on campus writing papers and pulling all-nighters.

To get a little sappy, whatever you end up doing this summer I hope you find time to relax and recover from your final exams.

To all the seniors, good luck in your future endeavors. To all you underclassmen be safe, and I’ll see you next fall.