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Tips for setting up your dorm room

Stephanie DePrez | Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The first step is being aware of your space.  Know what you have to work with. Take measurements so that when you are out shopping for things you know what will fit.The first thing that should go in your room is the carpet.  Know how much you want to cover.  Do you want carpet covering the whole room, including under the beds, or just in certain areas?  You want to do carpet first because it’s hard to move everything out if you change your mind and want to put one in after everything’s set up.Let’s face it, the bed is the centerpiece of your life, and of the room.  Talk to your roommate about where you want the beds to go.  Should they both be against one wall? Putting beds perpendicular to each other is a way to create new space and break up the boxiness of a room.  If you can, try lofting the beds on top of the desk and dresser or each other.When you place your desk, be sure it is somewhere where you can work.  If you like natural light, try to arrange the room so that it is nearest to the window.  If you don’t like being interrupted, avoid putting your desk near the door.  It’s easy to create your own space if you put the desk up against a wall and cover the wall with pictures and posters that motivate you or remind you of home.Designate a place where you can be artsy.  Pick a corner or a shelf that is all your own, that you can decorate without roommate input.  Take care to make it look good, whether it be a leveled structure where you organize your jewelry, or a shrine to your favorite baseball player.  When the rest of the room becomes a mess, this area should stay neat, and is your “interior decorator” place.Look for places to coordinate.  Matching accent pillows, similar patterns for hanging up photos or just a color theme can make a room look more deliberate and planned out.Decide where your “messy corner” is.  It’s annoying for everyone if you leave all of your stuff in the middle of the room.  Pick a place where you can throw your dirty laundry or drop your books so that they are out of the way when your roommate comes in. Sometimes you won’t have time to do laundry or clean everything up, but if your mess is somewhat tucked away, it makes the room as a whole look nicer.