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A class by class guide to a Notre Dame football weekend

Bob Kessler | Thursday, September 4, 2008

After impatiently waiting for the past nine months, and avoiding excuses for that abomination of a season, it’s morning again at Notre Dame. Our football team is back in action this weekend, and campus is morphing to account for it. Trash cans are being put everywhere, food stand equipment is being laid across campus, temporary fences are being erected and alums have started arriving on campus. Notre Dame is a different place on a football weekend, and this list should get everybody in the mood, and remind each class of students of what they are supposed to do throughout the weekend.


Watch Rudy on Thursday night. Go to the pep rally on Friday. Attend Drummer’s Circle at midnight. Wear The Shirt on Saturday. Watch the Band play at Bond Hall Arrive at the game 45 minutes before kickoff Do the cheers incorrectly Try to start The Wave in the 3rd quarter. Eat at the Candlelight Dinner in South Dining Hall. Fall asleep early.


Pregame the Pep Rally with beer and/or liquor. Lead dorm cheers on the way to the JACC. Host an opponent themed party such as “Beat them Back to the Aztec Era” where everybody comes dressed as an Aztec Warrior. Wake up early after the party to sell Brats and Burgers at a dorm/club concession stand. Head out to the Stadium Lot with a group of friends looking for some friendly alums or a random friend’s relative to give you free food. Arrive at the game 25 minutes before kickoff to watch the band perform. Complain about the freshmen doing cheers wrong in the 1st quarter. Purchase a platter of Nachos in the 2nd quarter. Try to start The Wave in the 4th quarter. Order Pizza in the Dorm after the game.


Utilize fake IDs at Club Fever on Thursday Night. Attend the Pep Rally on Friday. Complain about the length of the Pep Rally. Party at the opponent themed party, but ditch early for Washington Street. Wake up in mid-morning and watch College GameDay. Complain about Lee Corso’s anti-Notre Dame comments. Wear The Shirt or a green Brady Quinn jersey. Drink some beer at a relative’s tailgate. Run from the cops through the Stadium parking lot. Arrive at the game five minutes before Kickoff with a good buzz going. Complain about The Wave. Get a free dinner from your roommates parents after the game. Fall asleep early while watching College Football Final. Complain about Mark May on Sunday morning


Go to Finnegan’s on Thursday Night. Skip the Pep Rally with an enormous hangover. Welcome recent Alums back for a party on Friday Night. Wake up early on Saturday for Tailgating. Wear whatever you want to wear, which probably isn’t The Shirt. Host a tailgate at an off campus house or at the Radio Tower lot. Keep BAC high enough so that you can feel free to yell loudly whenever you like about how Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush ruined the best moment of your life. Shotgun approximately seven beers in the 90 minutes leading up to kickoff. Stumble into the game 10 minutes after kickoff because you were busy playing one last round of Can Of Shame. Participate in one out of every seven cheers. Complain that the sophomore year Leprechaun was way better than this one. Walk home to Off-Campus house after game. Go to The Backer at night. Sing/yell “Oh What a Night.” Pass Out at home. Watch Entourage on Sunday night.


Do it all again next weekend!

Now that we’re all clear on the game plan, let’s go out and do it.

Go Irish, Beat Aztecs

Bob Kessler is a senior majoring in political science and economics. You can contact him at [email protected]

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