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Campaigns need focus

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christie Pesavento’s recent viewpoint column (“Joe Biden: a gaffe a minute,” Sept. 23) discussing Senator Biden’s ‘gaffes’ is a perfect example of why the political system in the United States is in poor shape.

People like Pesavento would rather discuss a candidate’s possible linguistic mistakes and the media’s role in how much exposure each blunder receives then focus on important issues affecting millions of Americans.

It is truly a shame that our current culture rewards sensationalist reporting and that issues like “Did Obama call Palin a pig?”, “Is Obama a Muslim?”, and “What animals has Palin shot?” are the biggest news stories.

I would hope that the people of the University of Notre Dame would rise above such drivel. I pray that voters look at each candidate’s position on the most important issues and make informed decisions that reflect their conscience.

I urge everyone as American citizens and as intelligent human beings to research and discuss candidates’ past and present stances on war, the economy, respect for human life, foreign policy, etc. It is my fear that our country will be lost if we allow petty issues and moronic drivel to decide the fate of this election.

Andrew Sheehan


Class of 2006

Sept. 23