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Celebrity Swag

Analise Lipari | Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I can’t lie – I feel kind of like a celebrity right now.No, it’s not because I’m being stalked by paparazzi lurking in the shrubberies outside my dorm. Nor do I suddenly have the desire to start adopting children from as-yet-unnamed developing nations. Or to give those children names like “Pilot Inspektor.” (Really, Jason Lee from “My Name is Earl?” Really?)No, I’m feeling slightly – to sort of quote one of my favorite “Project Runway” contestants, Blayne Walsh – “celeb-u-licious” because of the sweet celebrity swag that I’ve been getting since I took this Scene Editor gig last month.Swag, for those of you who aren’t addicted to watching awards shows on television, is commonly defined as “sweet stuff.” Lots and lots of sweet stuff, in fact, is often tucked into cute little baskets for presenters at banquets and award ceremonies in the Hollyood hills. You might notice that I’m not handing anyone a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, so what gives?To the studios/networks/record labels, it’s marketing. In a recent letter I received from none other than the Fox Network, J.J. Abrams personally drafted this greeting: “Dear funny, intelligent, attractive college journalist.” I was sold immediately. (Hey – his name’s on the letter, so he obviously wrote the text. Okay, it was stamped on the letter. And that letter was most likely printed by an intern. Details, details.)The point, though, is that the folks at Fox want me, Editor of Scene, to plug their new lineup of shows. In particular, they’ve been sending me box after box of gear for their new sci-fi, J.J. Abrams-produced series, “Fringe.” Admittedly, I hadn’t given the show much thought prior to the onslaught of publicity materials. I have a high tolerance for science fiction, but a low tolerance for Fox. I also have a high tolerance for Joshua Jackson, also known as Pacey Witter from “Dawson’s Creek,” one of the stars of “Fringe.”My decision was made, however, when I found two humble cardboard boxes sitting next to the Scene desk. In the first box were four different promotional posters. In the other, I found a hodge-podge collection of gear including notepads, t-shirts, nylon backpacks, and even an Mp3 recorder.Shameless and capitalistic marketing? Perhaps.Awesome? Absolutely.I’ll see you guys later – my nylon backpack and I are going to watch the latest episode of “Fringe.”