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Don’t forget the president

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, September 11, 2008

At the risk of redundancy, I would like to echo Mr. Heilbron’s (“A thanks to NDSP,” Sept 10) thanks in Wednesday’s Observer. We all are indebted to NDSP’s courageous efforts to combat the growing menance of Natty shotgunning. I know I speak for everyone when I offer my unequivocal support for their commitment to quality police work.

If I might, though, I would like to further extend his thanks to the president of this fine university. It is only through Fr. John Jenkins care for and extensive understanding of his student body that this quality police work may continue.

I’d keep going with this but, unfortunately, I lack the ability to mask my disgust with sarcasm. All it would take from the president is a modicum of effort to address off campus violence. A phone call, maybe two, to SBPD from South Bend’s largest employer would speak volumes, but in a continuation of his pattern of gross negligence and ineptitude Jenkins refuses to put the issue on the table.

If I sound angry, I apologize. Maybe it’s because two of my roommates were assaulted this weekend. Maybe it’s because the self serving, smug pat on the back our incompetent police force managed to sneak on to the front page of this paper struck a nerve. Or maybe it’s because when another friend managed to squeeze his way into Jenkin’s office hours and dared to raise the issue, the president dismissed him with patronizing lip service.

What I want to know is what exactly will it take for someone in the University to at least pretend to care? Clearly repeated assaults rank somewhere below developing new dorms, growing the endowment and canceling the Vagina Monologues. I would have thought a multiple shooting would force them to act, but even after the tragedy in front of Club 23, no progress has been made. I shudder to think what would actually guilt our administration into action.

So another year begins and we look forward to more irrelevant football arrests, empty talk and inaction. Sad isn’t it?

Michael Folger


off campus

Sept. 10