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Don’t vote

Letter to the Editor | Monday, September 29, 2008

Why not vote? Unfortunately, voting does not make you free and voting in this election will not make you any freer. The liberty and freedom this country was founded on, consistently paid lip service by politicians and citizens alike, have consistently eroded (when not denied altogether) since that foundation. Even if each voter had the unilateral ability with his or her vote to elect Obama or McCain, that will not end the inflation of the dollar, the theft through taxation of nearly half your day’s work, the intervention abroad and the regulation and government entities that destroy our economy and wreak havoc socially.Yes, many around the world and throughout history have suffered terrible injustices at the hands of even more oppressive governments than our own. However, that does not justify the propagation of this government and its continued infringement of our freedom, economically, socially and personally.While many will be voting for change in this election, the change I believe in cannot be attained at the voting booth. Stop telling me then why I should register and go to the polls in November, because morally I cannot support and practically I cannot stop the repression and the growth of power of the government through my vote.

John PlonkaseniorZahm HallSept. 26