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Duncan disappoints

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had a dream that one day, the sons of Duncan Hall would be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood and indulge in the leftovers from Donutina. My dream, and that of many other Domers, was shattered on Friday, Sept. 26, when the men of Duncan appeared at the pep rally dressed as Highlanders. The “Duncan Donuts” chants were prevalent but futile. The battle had been lost. I fear that the residents of Duncan perceived the Donut idea as frivolous and, therefore, unworthy of true consideration. The student body was of a different opinion, however. To summarize the thoughts of a few peers: “Oh, man, it could have been great. A built-in giveaway item … inner tube races on the lakes … ring toss/hula hoop competitions (among the dorms and for little kids on football weekends)…the possibilities were endless.” “At pep rallies and dorm events, Duncan’s catch phrase could have been, ‘The Donuts Go Nuts!'” “Kilts and face paint are funny the first time (St. Ed’s), not so funny the second time (Keenan), and wearisome the third time (Duncan). Imagine if the Duncan dudes had all been dressed as strawberry-frosted donuts when they hosted the Purdue pep rally. That would have made musical chairs so much sweeter. It should also be said, as a side note, that St. Ed’s and Duncan are obvious rivals. The O’Neill/Morrissey suggestion is just Duncan’s alias. Think about it – oldest dorm versus newest, original second-floor chapel versus imitation, current St. Ed’s rector (Father Ralph Haag) versus former (Father Tom Eckert)…it’s quite natural.” “Duncan’s only six-man could have been the coveted ‘half-dozen.'” The mascot was there for the taking. When you can generate that kind of enthusiasm among the student body, why not embrace it?

Emily Rankin


Farley Hall

Sept. 28