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Duncan does not disappoint

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The men of The Penthouse would like to address a few of Emily Rankin’s thoughts presented in ‘Duncan Disappoints’ (Sept. 30).

Firstly, The Penthouse was named last Spring, and this would not have changed with the selection of any mascot. We’re classy that way.

Secondly, I can’t believe you’d be so base as to suggest the men of Duncan Hall are any more mature than the rest of Notre Dame’s campus. We all wanted to be doughnuts!

However, from day one, any conversation regarding doughnuts or pastry paraphernalia in general was stamped out immediately by the hall staff. Something about copyrights …

Anyway, the quest for a mascot was back to square one and they were accepting applications. The final three, determined by what I’m sure was an ‘impartial’ judge, were the Duffers, the Dragons and the Highlanders.

Voting began, and I have a suspicion that the write-in for Doughnuts (contributed to in large by The Penthouse) actually took the majority, but the powers that be announced at Hall Council that we would be the Highlanders.

Oh well. Rankin, you can’t say we didn’t try.

Please stop by The Penthouse some time and we’ll show you that Duncan definitely does not disappoint.

Noah Franske


Duncan Hall

Sept. 30