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Football Commentary: One more time: show Irish pride

Dan Murphy | Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All right, it’s time for Tuesday’s version of the Monday morning quarterback.

Let’s start with the quarterback. Sophomore Jimmy Clausen threw for 275 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis said in the post-game press conference that it was the best game he has seen the young gunslinger play at Notre Dame.

Not too much to complain about there.

But how about that balance? Offensive coordinator Mike Haywood called 39 passing plays and 36 running plays. The Irish backfield managed to pick up 201 yards on the ground in those 36 plays.

It looks like the offense can escape an angry column for this week.

Something must be wrong with the defense then. In the second half the Irish defense held Purdue to three punts, two turnovers on downs and one 64-yard scoring drive – 56 of those yards coming on the touchdown pass.

It’s pretty tough to find a complaint there as well.

It looks like it will have to be special teams then; they’re always good for a verbal beatdown. Let’s start with the kickoff squad who held two of the nation’s most dangerous return men to an average of 14 yards per return – maybe not. What am I supposed to whine about? The Irish even kicked a 41-yard field goal.

It’s time for the last resort – you.

Last Friday one of The Observer’s most talented and good-looking young writers published an idea to turn the student section into a giant, man-made Irish flag. Sections 33 and 34 wear orange, 31 and 32 wear white, and 30 and lower wear green.

Understandably, about as many people read the columns as people who read that copy of Du Lac the administration hands out freshman year. But I’m going to give this another try anyway.

This Saturday let’s show the Stanford Cardinal that they truly have the weakest nickname in all of college sports. Even the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs are more intimidating than a tree. What better way to show some Irish Pride than turning ourselves into a giant flag?

The navy blue splashed with patches of green and yellow looks weak when compared to the bright orange Oregon State sidelines, or the giant blue “S” in the middle of a sea of white at Penn State.

It’s true, unless you live in Knott Hall an orange shirt might be hard to come by. But make the trip down to Meijer for a 6-pack for $5. Or, it’s safe bet that Salvation Army has a great selection of orange get-ups for even less. If not ask a friend who lives in Michigan, I’m sure they have something in their hunting gear collection.

It’ll be worth it when you see yourself jumping around on SportsCenter after Clausen hits one of his receivers for the obligatory corner of the end zone fade touchdown on Saturday.

You have my word that this will be the last of the Irish flag columns, but give it a shot. What do you have to lose? My apologies for whining, but hey, I needed something to complain about.