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Gameday cheers debated

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unnecessary criticism

Kevin Kimberly (“Stop the chop,” Sept. 29):

While I and seemingly most of the student body agree we shouldn’t do the chop, I’m not so sure it was necessary to denounce Florida State University and its students like you did. Notre Dame students “have more class” than that.

Go Irish.

Whitley Esteban


Lewis Hall

Sept. 29

Alma mater should be enjoyed by all

Yes, I am a curmudgeon from the class of 1975.

First, the “We are ND” chant, (“Another ‘copyrighted’ cheer,” Sept. 30) has been around for decades. It is not an infringement of Penn State’s techno version of a song originally copyrighted in 1999.

Yet, more importantly, I wish we could have the Alma Mater played for the whole stadium. It is filled with graduates of Notre Dame. We love the Alma Mater. We also pay quite a bit for our tickets, too. The recent “tradition” of playing the Alma Mater at the end of the game in front of the students is somewhat of a slight to the rest of us in the stadium, who have earned the right to sing that wonderful song.

Let’s honor all of Notre Dame by having the Alma Mater played so that the whole stadium can hear, sing and feel part of the Notre Dame family.

Thanks, (and I am so tired of being an “N”).

Frank Keres


Class of 1975

Sept. 29

“We are ND” not stolen

While I am sure that Piyush Ranade (“Another ‘copyrighted’ cheer,” Sept 29) is conscientious in his desire to preserve a Penn State tradition, I believe he is mistaken in his time frame. The “We are ND” chant dates to at least the 1970s … I cannot be sure that the wonderful folks in Happy Valley didn’t come up with it first.

I would wager, though that the cheer travelled east first. According to popular movie culture, we may have borrowed it from Marshall University.

I do not think we need to relinquish it to Penn State, no matter how snappy their uniforms.

J.M. Christ


Class of 1980

Sept. 30